Eric James Mellon Studio Pottery Bowl Painted with Nude

Eric James Mellon Studio Pottery Bowl Painted with Nude

Code: TC21126


H: 6.5cm (2.6")Di: 8.8cm (3.5")

£795.00 Approx $1010.17, €928.74

A unique hand painted British studio pottery bowl decorated with a nude by Eric James Mellon and dated 2002. The porcelain bowl stands on a narrow rounded foot and is decorated in ash glazes and hand painted with a stylised nude lying outstretched around the body of the body of the bowl with a further panel painted with a flower. The bowl is painted in tones of blue and brown with gold leaf accents on a speckled oat coloured ground with further gold applications to the inside of the bowl. The bowl is signed around the foot rim and is dated 2002. It also has a gold fox mark applied to the inside base. The bowl also has glaze references along with what may be a title.

Provenance: From a private West Country collection and acquired directly from the artist. Fresh to market.

In good condition.

Origin : England
Maker : Eric James Mellon
Manufacture Date : 2002
Materials : Porcelain