Olympic Games Amsterdam 1928 Art Deco Bronzed Plaque

Olympic Games Amsterdam 1928 Art Deco Bronzed Plaque

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H: 1cm (0.4")Di: 50cm (19.7")

£890.00 Approx $1126.58, €1038.51

A scarce and wonderful Art Deco bronzed pressed metal wall plaque commemorating the Olympic Games held in Amsterdam in 1928. The plaque is of large round shape and made of a light pressed metal with a simple round folded rim, the surface with a bronzed finish. The plaque has a central stylized design in typical period style incorporating the Latin words MENS SANA IN COPORE SANO (a healthy mind a healthy body). The scene sits within an embossed border reading OLYMPISCHE SPELEN (Olympic Games) AMSTERDAM 1928. The edge of the plaque is decorated with 12 panels set within a raised border and each embossed and portraying a sporting event at the Olympic Games. The plaque has a hanging loop attached the back and is not apparently marked.

Provenance: acquired from the UK art market.

In good condition with a small split to the lower edge which has been reinforced to the back of the plaque.