Oriental Flowering Hawthorn Cloisonne Double Gourd Vase

Oriental Flowering Hawthorn Cloisonne Double Gourd Vase

Code: ORSI02010


H: 13cm (5.1")Di: 7.8cm (3.1")

£435.00 Approx $552.73, €508.18

A very fine and stylish antique oriental, Chinese attributed, cloisonne double gourd vase dating from the latter 19th century. The vase stands on a flat brass base with a wide round base, pinched waist and narrow round upper section with a funnel style top with a flat metal rim. The body of the vase is decorated with a mixture of flowering shrubs dominated with flowering hawthorn incorporating a butterfly to one side. The continuous scenes are decorated in colored enamels against a bright turquoise ground and set between formal borders around the foot, the pinched centre and top of the vase. The vase is typically not marked but is a striking and very stylish example.

Provenance: Acquired from the UK art market.

In good condition.