Jug from Phds Wikramaratna Islamic Pottery Collection

Jug from Phds Wikramaratna Islamic Pottery Collection

Code: OR1111015


W: 9cm (3.5")H: 5.5cm (2.2")D: 7.5cm (3")

£315.00 Approx $397.73, €367.13

PHDS Wikramaratna (PH) was born in Ceylon in 1916 and moved to London in 1937 where he gained a first class honours degree in Engineering. He returned to Ceylon at the outbreak of war and settled back in the UK following the war. PH gradually built up an extensive collection of Middle and Far Eastern ceramics becoming a member of the Oriental Ceramics Society in London. Several of his pieces were loaned for lectures and display and with his extensive knowledge and resource chose his pieces carefully. Over the years PH gifted many examples to museums, including The British Museum, Victoria & Albert, Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam. PH died in 2010 and our client was fortunate enough to acquire a substantial part of his collection.

A fine Islamic earthenware jug of squat rounded form standing on a narrow rounded foot and potted in a light red clay decorated in green turquoise glazes with black painted floral designs. The jug is not marked.

Origin : Central Asia
Manufacture Date : Circa 18th-19th Century
Materials : Pottery