Chinese Jun Ware Streak Glazed Art Pottery Bowl

Chinese Jun Ware Streak Glazed Art Pottery Bowl

Code: OR23204


H: 5.8cm (2.3")Di: 11.8cm (4.6")

£300.00 Approx $381.19, €350.47

A very stylish good quality Chinese Jun Ware pottery bowl decorated with streaked glazes on a red and pale blue glazed ground dating from the latter 19th or 20th century. The well potted bowl stands raised on a narrow round unglazed foot and is of wide round shape and applied with thick light blue glazes extending to the lower sides of the bowl. The bowl has a feint red glaze applied around the outside and inside of the bowl and has a thick brown glaze run down from the top edge and accumulating just above the foot rim. The foot rim has a brown stain applied to it and the bowl is not marked.

Provenanve: From a small collection of Chinese bowls acquired from the British Art Market.

In good condition with some light age crazing to the glazed finish.