Chinese Bronzed Seated Buddha with Boys

Chinese Bronzed Seated Buddha with Boys

Code: OR1601336


W: 11.5cm (4.5")H: 14.5cm (5.7")D: 6.5cm (2.6")

£350.00 Approx $443.04, €408.88

A fine Chinese bronzed copper seated Buddha with five small boys believed to date from the early 20th century. The hollow cast figure is well detailed and portrays the seated smiling Buddha with the open customary robe showing his large stomach and chest and resting his hands on his knees and holding a set of prayer beads in his left hand. Two boys sit perched on his shoulders while a further three boys climb up some holding various objects. To the back the Buddha has impressed Shou emblems together with a Chinese four character mark molded in low relief.

Provenance: Acquired from the UK Art Market.

In good condition with light wear associated with age and use.