Paul Hilditch Moorcroft Limited Edition London Architectural Riverscap

Paul Hilditch Moorcroft Limited Edition London Architectural Riverscap

Code: TC21739


H: 45cm (17.7")Di: 21cm (8.3")

£4,550.00 Approx $5759.49, €5315.42

A stunning Moorcroft London Architectural limited edition vase recording Docklands to The City of London from the embankment by Paul Hilditch and conceived in 2011. This large tall bulbous vase is richly glazed with tour-de-force tubelining skills with three scenes framed between tall ornate Victorian gas lights. The scenes run from Docklands with the river Thames in the foreground with the Thames Barrier and with the Dome overshadowed by the tall and iconic architectural buildings which make up the famous Docklands skyline. The second scene shows the large dome of St Pauls Cathedral with an iconic London red double decker bus in the foreground with the third scene showing one of the most iconic buildings of modern London the Gherkin set amidst the tall City of London buildings. All in all a spectacular and exceptional vase not only by its sheer size but the incredible way it has been decorated.

It is recorded by Moorcroft as ' Every once in a while, Moorcroft create a vase that is magical. Paul Hilditch’s magnificent London is a celebration of England’s capital, framing the new architecture of the city with wonderful Victorian gas lamps that run along the Embankment. It’s a tour-de-force of tubelining skill, and has been painted in mesmerizing dusk colours. Its skyline is packed full of famous buildings and its streets are endlessly in motion with colourful events, eclectic transport, exciting people and everyday quirks.'

The vase is reference number 101/18 and this example is numbered 82 and is fully marked to the base including Paul Hilditch's signature.

Origin : England
Maker : Moorcroft Pottery
Manufacture Date : Conceived in 2011
Materials : Pottery