Michael John Crook Hand Carved Wooden Heron Sculpture

Michael John Crook Hand Carved Wooden Heron Sculpture

Code: SC20588


W: 27.5cm (10.8")H: 35.5cm (14")Di: 9.5cm (3.7")

£545.00 Approx $689.87, €635.94

A stunning modern hand carved figure of a heron by renowned British wood carver Michael John Crook and dating from the latter 20th or very early 21st Century. The figure stands mounted on a hard wood oval shaped base representing water with the feet hidden underneath the surface. The legs are simply and independently carved in a lighter wood and formed to represent the bird walking and are attached to the body carved from a single piece of wood in the same color as the legs with its head held up and facing the direction in which the heron is walking. With a natural varnished finish the bird is very finely made and bears an MJC mark painted in yellow to the top of the base for Michael John Crook.

Provenance: Acquired from the UK Art Market

In good condition with light wear associated with age and use.