William Moorcroft MacIntyre Art Nouveau Elegantly Shaped Blue Lilac Po

William Moorcroft MacIntyre Art Nouveau Elegantly Shaped Blue Lilac Po

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H: 30cm (11.8")Di: 7.8cm (3.1")

£2,150.00 Approx $2714.65, €2505.83

Art Nouveau James MacIntyre & Co. rare Florian Ware tall elegantly shaped handled jug decorated with tube lined lilac flowers designed by William Moorcroft (English, 1872-1945) and dating from around 1902. William Moorcroft started out as a designer before becoming director of the art pottery department at James MacIntyre & Co at Burslem in Staffordshire. His floral designs were often compared to the work of William Morris and other Arts & Crafts designers and this earthenware jug stands raised on a wide round skirted foot with a slender lower body widening towards the top and with a narrowing funnel shaped neck and wide rounded rim with a shaped pouring spout and with a flat strap handle applied to the neck. The jug is decorated with tall lilac flowers on leafy stems with white tube lining and hand painted in tones of blue and lilac against a light blue ground with a leaf arrangement around the base. The jug has printed MacIntyre marks to the base along with a green painted signature for William Moorcroft.

Provenance: from a private family collection with original purchase label for US$ 3,550 to the base.

In good condition with a few minor short surface scratches and with the usual age crazing to the glazed finish.

Maker : William Moorcroft
Manufacture Date : Circa 1902
Materials : Earthenware