William Moorcroft Macintyre Art Nouveau Blue Dahlia Pattern Goblet

William Moorcroft Macintyre Art Nouveau Blue Dahlia Pattern Goblet

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H: 15.2cm (6")Di: 10cm (3.9")

£2,750.00 Approx $3494.28, €3212.62

Art Nouveau James MacIntyre & Co. Florian Ware goblet decorated with tube lined decoration in a ‘Dahlia’ variant design by William Moorcroft and dating from 1903. William Moorcroft started out as a designer before becoming director of the art pottery department at James MacIntyre & Co at Burslem in Staffordshire. His floral designs were often compared to the work of William Morris and other Arts & Crafts designers and this earthenware goblet stands raised on a flared wide rounded foot applied with ‘Dahlia’ patterning in blue with gilding and with a narrowing stem in light blue with a raised ring finely decorated with stylized floral patterns in pink and blue with gilding. The cup shaped body has a flared rim and is hand painted ‘Dahlia’ styled patterning again in dark blue and gilding on a light blue ground with a gilded top rim and with further patterning applied around the inside rim of the goblet on a cream-coloured ground. The goblet has printed MacIntyre marks to the base along with a green painted signature for William Moorcroft along with a registration mark for 1903.

Provenance: from a private family collection. A variant is illustrated in Art Nouveau Collectors Guide, Judith Miller, page 127.

In good condition.

Origin : England
Maker : William Moorcroft
Manufacture Date : Circa 1903
Materials : Pottery