Royal Bonn Art Nouveau Pair Hand Painted Floral Pottery Vases

Royal Bonn Art Nouveau Pair Hand Painted Floral Pottery Vases

Code: DA20573


H: 18cm (7.1")Di: 14.5cm (5.7")

£890.00 Approx $1126.58, €1039.72

A fine and stunning Art Nouveau German pair of hand painted art pottery vases with floral designs made by the renowned manufactory of Royal Bonn and dating from around 1900.

Royal Bonn ceramics was founded in 1836 by Franz Anton Mehlem and produced high quality works both in porcelain and earthenware. Around 1890 the factory produced a series of finely hand painted pieces in the Old Dutch style and emulating the designs of renowned Dutch makers Rozenburg. Certainly, these could be considered to be on a par with their Dutch competitors!

This pair of stunning round bottle shaped vases stand raised on a narrow round unglazed foot with slightly recessed bases and with a short wide bowl-shaped rim on a narrow neck. The vases are finely hand painted with stylized floral panels set within scrolling borders with further stylized floral work painted between the panels with the main body painted in brightly colored enamels against a deep green ground. The upper body is similarly decorated with a painted and shaped integral yellow border again with stylized leaf and floral designs in colors against a mottled pink ground. The vases are numbered 3084/313 and have hand signed makers marks along with the design name Liberty (possibly made for the famous London retailers, Liberty & Co).

Provenance: Acquired from the UK Art Market.

In good condition with light wear associated with age and use.