Louisa E Edwards Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement Floral Vase

Louisa E Edwards Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement Floral Vase

Code: DACL180601


H: 23cm (9.1")Di: 9cm (3.5")


A stunning and early Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement vase decorated with panels containing stylized floral designs by renowned artist Louisa E Edwards and dated 1876.

Louisa Edwards was one of the mains artists at Doulton Lambeth and was reputed for very fine incised foliage and floral designs often with Persian or Turkish influence. This exceptional vase exemplifies the quality of her work.

The tall stoneware vase stands on a wide round foot the round body tapering as it rises to a rounded shoulder and narrow funnel neck with incised patterning and a wide shallow bowl shaped top. The vase is decorated with an abstract floral design probably with Middle Eastern influence repeated around the body and set between raised flower head borders with similar floral designs around the shoulder. The vase is decorated in tones of brown, white, green and pale blue on a mottled dark brown ground and the quality of the decoration is exceptional. The vase has impressed Doulton Lambeth marks to the base along with incised initials for Louisa E Edwards and assistant marks for Mary Aitken, Emily Mayes and Louisa Wakely. The vase is also dated 1876.

Provenance: from the private collection of a Belgium based Gentleman.

In good condition.

Origin : England
Maker : Doulton Lambeth
Manufacture Date : 1876
Materials : Stoneware