Elizabeth A Sayers Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement Onion Shape Vase

Elizabeth A Sayers Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement Onion Shape Vase

Code: DASI02013


H: 18.5cm (7.3")Di: 11.5cm (4.5")

£495.00 Approx $626.58, €578.27

An exceptional and rare Doulton Lambeth Aesthetic Movement onion shaped vase decorated with star like motifs by renowned artist Elizabeth A Sayers dated 1878. 
Elizabeth A Sayers while recongized as a highly accomplished and distinguished artist did not spend much time at Doulton Lambeth so pieces by her are both rare and sought after.
This stylish stoneware onion bodied vase stands raised on a narrow round foot with a recessed base the wide round body with a tall slender neck with an unusual overlapping trumpet shaped top. The body of the vase is extensively and beautifully decorated with four star like designs set within beaded borders with large central blue painted rossettes surrounded with stylized leaves with fine beaded patterning. With similar leaf patterning to the neck the remaining body is decorated with scrolling foliate style white slip patterning with elements of blue colored slip patterning to the base of the neck. The vase is hand decorated in tones of brown, blue and white against a salt glazed stoneware ground. The vase has impressed makers marks to the base along with artist marks for Elizabeth A Sayers and other incised artist marks we have been unable to identify. The vase is dated 1878 and is a fine early example.

Provenance: acquired from the British Art Market.

In good condition.