Doulton Lambeth Japanese Panel Design Jug by Emily Partington

Doulton Lambeth Japanese Panel Design Jug by Emily Partington

Code: DA23492


H: 22cm (8.7")Di: 12.5cm (4.9")

£385.00 Approx $487.34, €449.24

A very stylish Aesthetic Movement Doulton Lambeth Japanese influence jug descorated with panels and fruiting gourds by renowned designer and decorator Emily J Partington dated 1884. The tall stoneware jug stands raised on a narrow round foot rim with a wide bulbous shaped body, narrow neck and funnel shaped top with a small formed pouring spout. A loop handle applied with small raised simple flowerheads is attached to the side. The body of the jug is decorated with three raised panels set within raised shell borders, one containing a dragon, one a carp swimming amidst weed and a further with a floral design. These are all hand painted in tones of green, brown and blue and set against a mottled green ground. The opposite side of the jug is decorated in relief with extended leafy stems with fruiting gourds hanging from the branches decorated in tones of brown and blue. Further raised patterning is applied around the neck painted in blue against a mottled darker grey and brown ground. The jug has impressed makers marks to the base along with an incised EP monogram for Emily J Partington with assistant marks for Annie Horton and Alice Cooke. The jug is dated 1884.

Provenance: Acquired from the UK Art Market.

In good condition with light wear associated with age and use and with a couple of natural firing flaws within the glazed finish.