Thomas Whieldon Fenton Staffordshire Redware Oriental Molded Teapot

Thomas Whieldon Fenton Staffordshire Redware Oriental Molded Teapot

Code: CE21664


W: 18.5cm (7.3")H: 11cm (4.3")D: 10.5cm (4.1")

£675.00 Approx $855.51, €790.4

A rare English Staffordshire redware pottery teapot decorated with Oriental molded patterning by Thomas Whieldon, Fenton and dating circa 1760/70. The teapot is lightly and finely potted with a barrel shaped body, loop handle and long straight pouring spout. The teapot is decorated with finely detailed Oriental figures, one holding a bird sat on a perch and the other a parasol. The figures are set between pillars with pagoda styled tops with a scroll pattern containing a dragon head above. The cover is similarly decorated and the teapot is based on those originating from China and made from Yixing red clay. These are said to produce the best infusion for tea and are normally unglazed, as is this example. The teapot has a pseudo Chinese impressed seal mark to the base.

The teapot has a stabilized hairline running around the top edge of the body but is otherwise in exceptional condition for its age and with minor loss to the decoration. There is a tiny surface rim chip to the cover but certainly one of the best examples we have seen and a highly presentable piece.

Origin : England
Maker : Thomas Whieldon Pottery
Manufacture Date : Circa 1760
Materials : Terracotta