Staffordshire Railway Interest Flat Back Pottery Spill Vase

Staffordshire Railway Interest Flat Back Pottery Spill Vase

Code: CE22255


W: 13cm (5.1")H: 24.5cm (9.6")D: 7.5cm (3")

£245.00 Approx $310.13, €286.21

A scarce and early railway interest English Staffordshire flat back pottery spill vase with a seated couple with dog and with an evolved example of Stephenson’s Rocket dating from the 19th century. The hollow made earthenware spill vase portrays a seated couple in Scottish dress with their dog seated leaning against the raised stump vase. Below is a molded presentation of a later version of Stephenson’s Rocket coming through a tunnel and towing two carriages. The figure is hand painted with remnants of gilding and is typically not marked.

Provenance: Acquired in the British Art Market.

In presentable condition with loss to the girls hand, a chip to her arm and a small chip to the top edge of the spill vase. However we felt that it rarity warranted offering this piece which still displays well.
Staffordshire although typically not marked.