Schafer & Vater White Glazed Drunken Man Dish

Schafer & Vater White Glazed Drunken Man Dish

Code: CE22151


W: 10cm (3.9")H: 5.3cm (2.1")D: 7cm (2.8")

£285.00 Approx $361.22, €333.72

A delightful and rare antique German porcelain dish or desk stand modelled as a drunken man by Schafer & Vater and dating from around 1890. The figure lies outstretched on a ground work base and sleeps fully clothed and holding a beer bottle in one hand. The dish has a recess between the man’s legs and is hollowed with a small open tree stump against which the man rests. The quality is superb with excellent detail, naturally glazed with an unglazed base. The figure has an impressed makers mark to the base and appears to be numbered 491. 
Provenance: Acquired in the British Art Market.

In excellent condition.