Sadler and Green Creamware Large Masonic Black Printed Jug

Sadler and Green Creamware Large Masonic Black Printed Jug

Code: CE20309


H: 22cm (8.7")Di: 13.5cm (5.3")

£980.00 Approx $1237.37, €1142.19

A rare large creamware pottery jug Masonic printed with the London arms of the Antients or the Athol Grand Lodge attributed to Sadler and Green and dating from the latter 18th century. The lightly potted jug is black printed to either side and below the spout bearing inscriptions. To one side the the jug is printed with a creast adorned by two winged angels with boys standing on columns one printed VIRTUE & SILENCE and the other TRUE FRIENDSHIP with a brick structure over the crest reading CEMENTED WITH LOVE. Below the jug has masonic emblems and is marked No 225 LONDON. On the opposite side rhe jug is printed with an elaborate scene with three figures and is titled A HEART THAT CONCEALS, AND THE TONGUE THAT NEVER REVEALS. A masonic emblem below the spout contains a larger letter G which we believe is for George III. The jug is of tall bulbous shape with a simple looped strap pouring hand and a narrow round top with a large pouring spout. The jug is not marked.

Provenance: acquired from the estate of a Cambridge Academic. For a smaller example see Millers Antiques Price Guide 2005, page 86.

There is a chip and some staining to the tip of the spout with a natural firing flaw to the lower edge and base. A very rare example.

Origin : England
Maker : Sadler and Green
Manufacture Date : Circa 1790
Materials : Creamware