Quimper French Hand Painted Faience Pottery Flask

Quimper French Hand Painted Faience Pottery Flask

Code: CE21503


H: 9.2cm (3.6")Di: 8cm (3.1")

£225.00 Approx $284.81, €262.54

A stylish French faience pottery hand painted flask with a Breton figure by Quimper and dating from the latter 19th century. The small rounded flask has a funnel shaped neck with a small unglazed hole which would probably have had a fitted cork. The flask has two molded rounded panels to either side, one painted with a Breton man holding a pipe and with a fleur de lis emblem to the opposite side. Both are painted in colored enamels and contained within is simple line surround with the top and rim finished in a blue sponged pattern. The flask is not marked.

In good condition, no stopper.

Origin : France
Maker : Quimper Faience Pottery
Manufacture Date : Late 19th Century
Materials : Pottery