Green Raku Continental Glazed Studio Pottery Vase

Green Raku Continental Glazed Studio Pottery Vase

Code: TC21973


H: 13.5cm (5.3")Di: 13cm (5.1")

£295.00 Approx $373.42, €344.63

A very finely and lightly potted continental, possibly German Brutalist period, vase decorated in green raku glazes, and dating from the 20th century. The ceramic vase stands on a narrow black foot with recessed base with a wide round bottle shaped body and a narrow raised shaped top. The vase is decorated in matted green glazes with black craquelure patterning running through the glazes and more pronounced towards the base of the vase. The vase is beautifully made and a wonderful display piece and has an unidentified incised maker mark to the base and includes numbers 7 and 04046.

This stylish piece came as part of a large private collection of studio pottery, carefully selected and from renowned makers.  

Provenance: acquired in the British Art Market.

In good condition with a tiny glaze nick to the body.