Doulton Lambeth Unusual Art Deco Twin Handled Wine Cooler

Doulton Lambeth Unusual Art Deco Twin Handled Wine Cooler

Code: DASI02014


H: 16cm (6.3")Di: 14cm (5.5")

£495.00 Approx $628.97, €578.27

An interesting and unusual Doulton Lambeth Art Deco twin handled wine cooler designed by Maud Bowden and dating from around 1930. This large and very stylish stoneware wine cooler is of cylindrical shape standing on a wide round unglazed foot with recessed base with the sides formed as panels set between vertical raised scroll work panels set between small flower heads with further similar flower heads applied around the top edge. The wine cooler has small ribbed loop handles applied either side. The body of the wine cooler is decorated in matt dark grey tones with gilded vertical banding and bright contrasting orange petals to the flowers with raised brown glazes borders and handles. The upper edge in light grey glazes and white glazes to the inside. The cooler has impressed Royal Doulton marks to the base along with incised MB mark for Maud Bowden and impressed OD assistant marks ands is numbered 4842.

Provenance: acquired from the British Art Market.

In good condition.