Andrew Hague Studio Pottery Vase with Trailing Foliage

Andrew Hague Studio Pottery Vase with Trailing Foliage

Code: TC23281


H: 26cm (10.2")Di: 23cm (9.1")

£350.00 Approx $441.92, €407.93

A large quality stoneware studio pottery vase hand decorated with trailing foliage designs by renowned potter Andrew Hague (British, born 1948) and probably dating from the 1970’s. Andrew Hague worked for a number of years as an apprentice to Marianne de Trey at Shinners Bridge, Dartington before moving to Askrigg Pottery in North Yorkshire where this piece was made. This impressive vase of large round shape stands on a narrow round unglazed foot with a narrow shaped short neck and widening opening with a wide folded back rim decorated in relief with linear patterning. The body of the vase is finely hand decorated with fruiting trailing floral designs painted in tones of blue, green and brown on a mottled grey glazed ground. A patterned border is painted around the neck in similar tones with the neck and top decorated in green and blue glazes. The vase has an impressed Askrigg pottery seal mark to the base.

Provenance: UK Art Market.

In good condition with light wear.