L'art Photographique Cover by Alphonse Mucha, 1899

L'art Photographique Cover by Alphonse Mucha, 1899

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W: 44cm (17.3")H: 58cm (22.8")D: 2cm (0.8")

£5,000.00 Approx $6329.11, €5834.31

The editor of the publishing journal L'Art Photographique George Carre had stressed his intentions, but inability to have photographic covers for the journal. The talented Artist Alphonso Mucha was hired to produce innovative Art Nouveau style covers that would be frequently used for the publication. This piece is from no.3 of the publication and shows the natural elements favoured in Art Nouveau, with intricate outline flowers creating depth and character whilst the magazine element of flowing titles and borders take the forefront of the piece. This is a beautiful example of the talents of Mucha and a testament to the beginning of his prolific career in Paris.

Lithograph in colors
Cover for publication “L’Art Photographique” No. 3, September 1899
Published by Georges Carré and C. Naud, printed by Draeger Frères, Paris

Origin : Czech Republic
Maker : Alphonse Mucha
Manufacture Date : 1899
Materials : Paper