Collection of Ray Winstone Autographs and Photographs

Collection of Ray Winstone Autographs and Photographs

Code: COMJT01


W: 20.5cm (8.1")H: 25.5cm (10")D: 2cm (0.8")

£5,474.00 per set Approx $6929.11, €6387.4

A unique collection Ray Winstone of 20 original autographed mounted montage with portrait photographs and film stills mounted with ivory card signed in black ink with a Ray Winstone autograph each with a "Certificate of Authenticity" attached to the back along with a printed title card. The photographs are all in color and printed on 25.5cm x 20.5cm (10" x 8") paper and all set within a colored mount with cut windows. The collection contains three personal portraits and seventeen film stills from various films including The Sweeney; Sexy Beast; Moonfleet; King Arthur etc.

Provenance: the unique set was personally prepared and presented to Joe Taglialavore who is personal assistant and driver for Ray Winstone.

Origin : England
Manufacture Date : Unknown
Materials : Paper